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Summer Study

A time for upperclassmen to gather and grow

Let's Gather and Grow

This summer, upperclassmen through college-age folks are gathering at Skyler's place to hang out and discuss a really good book! Last year we read Kevin DeYoung's Do Not Be True to Yourself. This year we’ll be discussing Francis Schaeffer’s The Lord’s Work in the lord’s Way & No Little People.

We’ll talk about how god uses the seemingly insignificant to do great things for his glory. As Schaffer will show us, ”with God there are no little people”. If you’re interested in being a student volunteer leader this coming school year, your attendance is highly encouraged.

When and Where is it

June 30 at Skyler’s place (2140 Lake Glen Ct. Apt B) at 6:30.

Want to join?

Of course you do! Let Skyler know using the form below so he can order the right number of books.