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Submit a request that you or your child be baptized

What is baptism?

Baptism is one of the two sacraments of the Christian church (the other being the Lord's Supper). Our Westminster Confession describes baptism as, "a sacrament of the new testament, ordained by Jesus Christ, not only for the solemn admission of the party baptized into the visible church; but also, to be unto him a sign and seal of the covenant of grace, of his ingrafting into Christ, of regeneration, of remission of sins, and of his giving up unto God, through Jesus Christ, to walk in newness of life. Which sacrament is, by Christ’s own appointment, to be continued in his church until the end of the world."

Just as circumcision was the sign and seal of the old covenant, so baptism is the sign and seal of the new. Because of this, both believers and the children of believers are welcomed to receive this covenant sign and seal.

How do I request that I or my child be baptized?

Step 1: Fill out the request of baptism form

Click the button below to fill out an email form for baptism. Jo Ann Kunze will follow up with you!

Step 2: Meet with Pastor Mike Littell to discuss the significance of baptism

This meeting is to ensure that you understand the significance of baptism either for yourself or your child. From there, you will be scheduled for baptism during a worship service here at SDPC. Baptisms take place on designated baptism Sundays.

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