What to Expect

Our Worship Service

Sunday worship is when we gather to experience “all of life in an hour.” We are called into existence by God in the call to worship, we die to our sin in the confession, we give thanks to God in our offerings, we are taught His ways in the reading and the sermon and we are nourished as we celebrate the past and future feast of God in the Lord's Supper. We do all this as individuals, as a family, and as the people of God together.

On Communion Sundays, all baptized communicants and members of the household of God are invited to join us in this holy meal. We provide a sealed double-sided chalice containing a wafer and grape juice.


Communion is for Christians to remember Jesus’ sacrifice and to allow us to taste the forgiveness of his love afresh as we commune with God and each other. We offer a sealed plastic chalice with grape juice and a wafer inside.


Our music leaders strive for musical excellence, theological richness, and a Christ-centered focus in our worship to God.

Our services are at 8:30 and 11:00 AM, both with a blended musical style consisting of songs with rich lyrics, hymns old and new, done in a variety of musical arrangements.

Children's Church & Nursery

We have a nursery for children through age 2, and children’s church services from ages 3–5. Children are encouraged to stay in the service up until the song right before the sermon, and they go back for a fun, age-appropriate lesson using the “Show Me Jesus” curriculum. Parents are also welcome to have their children with them through the service. Children's Church is currently only offered at the 11:00 AM service.

What To Wear

Like most families, our church family has people who are formal and people who are informal. Our first service tends to see more ties and heels, and the second service more flip flops (in the summer). But whether you are wearing a suit or dress, or a tee-shirt and shorts, you will find lots of people dressed just like you.

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